Good to Know: Strong women inspire even the youngest of girls

By Kirsten Adshead/motherbility

A toddler, Michelle Obama and a photo are charming the Internet today. Also in today’s Good to Know:  Advice from women entrepreneurs on how to scale up, the schedule for women’s entrepreneurship week in Milwaukee, how to succeed at working from home, and the Oscars don’t shy away from the elephant in the room.

Strong women inspire awe: A 2-year-old at the National Portrait Gallery spotted a painting of Michelle Obama … and couldn’t look away. A bystander captured the moment on camera, and America’s hearts melt.

Think big, even when you’re small: The challenges three women-led businesses faced as they started and the strategies they used to get scale up.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Week in Milwaukee: From free headshots for women entrepreneurs to “Beginners Guide To Happiness,” the entrepreneurship activities at Ward 4 in Milwaukee are worth checking out.

Four keys to successfully working from home: “Successful businesses are built when you spend day in and day out putting in the work.” Take your work seriously, but be realistic about being home.

Oscars tackles diversity, sexual harassment head on: 

Good to Know appears every Monday highlighting women- and business-related news, events, tidbits and tips from around the Internet. Happy Monday!


Andi Sidwell/Creative Commons

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