On the road again … and again … and again …

Sara Devlin/motherbility

Since I married my husband in 2005, we have moved a BUNCH!

Six times in 13 years.

And the moves are getting faster. The last two, a mere 18 months of being settled before, bam!, another move.

This past one was a huge distance: I am talking Western New York to Idaho. It’s a 34-hour drive without peeing or eating or sleeping.

I have little kids.

I am not going to tell you some magic formula for making this easy. IT IS NOT EASY. This past move I had to put Sia’s “The Greatest” on repeat so I didn’t pass out from exhaustion. Her repeating the word “stamina” over and over really helped me keep my mojo and saved me from collapsing into a mother-blob-part dumpster fire.

Here are some things I have learned from frequent moving:

Stuff is just stuff is just stuff is just stuff. Putting your hands on every single thing you own, repeatedly trying to figure out where it goes, makes you hate stuff. We gave away truck loads of stuff. I gave the cable guy my favorite kitchen table and chairs because he was there and I didn’t have a place to put it. True story.

My mother freaks. She says, “You don’t have a nostalgic bone in your body.” Stuff feels like a noose around my neck. The more I purge the stuff the better I feel. If I haven’t needed it once since my last move I don’t need it. I realize the stuff that is truly precious to me is very little.

I treasure my family and friends the most. Being away from them so often on these epic moves makes me realize how precious my favorite people truly are.

Treat your favorite people like precious gems. If you have the chance to visit with them., take it! Make time to text and call. I have amazing friends and family that never give up on me, regardless of my zip code. The more I move, the more I realize how much people need people. We are social beings.

This takes me to the worst part of moving for me:

You have to put yourself out there to meet new people. I know. I hate it, too. I am always beating back the notion that everyone hates me and I should just live in a hole. However, I beat it back and I put myself out there and it’s exhausting.

I must have friends. I need ladies to gab over coffee with or go on a run with. To make friends you have to try, especially if you are the new person. Ugh! It sucks. I tell you, if you can meet just one awesome person, all the suck is totally worth it. People, they just need people.

Make wherever you live an adventure. We like to thoroughly check out the area. Often the natives of wherever I am living exclaim that I have eaten, seen, done more then them and they have lived there their entire lives.

Wherever you are living, get out there and live it. There is fun to be had all over the place. The world is full of such beauty. I implore you to go out and enjoy the place you live whether you just moved there or have lived there your entire life.

Sara Devlin is a stay-at-home mom of three boys. She also owns Shots of Joy Photography, a business that has traveled with her — albeit functioning in stops and starts — as her family has crisscrossed the country. 

2 thoughts on “On the road again … and again … and again …

  1. Well, luckily you are the most fun, weird and amazing person EVER, so you seem to have no problem making friends. Keep blogging!!

  2. So glad to have crossed paths with you Sara! Maybe one of your journey’s will bring you back to Illinois sometime soon 😀

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