About motherbility: Motherbility makes having a business easy for moms. How do we define a business? Any work you do to make money. That’s it. Whether you’re an artistcropped-9011_motherbility-logo-final.jpg looking to expand your market, a former teacher who wants to tutor a few hours a week, or are absolutely certain that your idea is the Next Big Thing, motherbility is here for you.

We offer expert advice, answers to critical questions, fun motivational tips and more — all on our way to becoming a multi-functional marketplace aimed at easing the burden of running your own business.

Click here for the whole motherbility story.

About founder Kirsten Adshead: Mom to three and wife to one. I adore Wisconsin Usfrom April through December and (sigh), tolerate it from January through March. Packers fan, naturally. My British husband and I love to travel. (Favorite places: New Orleans, Yellowstone National Park and this old monastery southwest of Dublin.) Entrepreneur with a background in journalism. And I’m giddy, gleeful and all-things-good about helping other moms make their ideal lives a reality.




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